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KIM SARVER - EC Director, Carteret County Schools

“Johnnie and his staff are wonderful to work with.  They are professional and knowledgeable and work well as a team.  The staff also is very responsive to ur schools needs and works with them as a cohesive unit."


"New Hanover County schools have worked hand-in-hand with John E. Sexton and Associates over the past several years.  His company has helped our support for Deaf and Hard of Hearing students grow and evolve into a much more encompassing program. We are pleased that this support will help our student transition to the community stronger and more prepared to self-advocate. "


Our son, Bryson, was born profoundly deaf and wears cochlear implants to hear. When Bryson began kindergarten, we realized that our elementary school was not familiar with the needs of a deaf child equipped with cochlear implants. They did not have an audiologist on staff and they were using a speech therapist to make equipment decisions for Bryson. Bryson was not getting the equipment that he needed to excel academically. I reached out to John E. Sexton & Associates, Inc to explain our dilemma. Shortly thereafter, our school was contacted and Bryson was assigned an audiologist with John E. Sexton & Associates. Our audiologist has far exceeded our expectations! He is present at 504 meetings and drops in on occasion to check equipment and to be sure that it is being utilized correctly. On my request, he will stop by and educate substitute teachers and educate my son on the importance of advocating for himself and his needs. We are so grateful that John E. Sexton & Associates! Without them, Bryson would be struggling academically.

Dr. Sexton and the associates who have worked with our district have been nothing short of FABULOUS! Each of them has helped to make their work with our students and staff seamless, and they treat the children like their own. Dr. Casey, our audiologist for the past several years, went above and beyond while we provided remote instruction during the COVID school closure. She helped us develop a plan for vision and hearing screenings and was with us every step of the way. Now that we are back in school, Dr. Casey continues to take every change with poise and grace as we navigate challenges together.


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