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About Us

John E. Sexton & Associates is the only source in North Carolina for a comprehensive, in-school audiology program. We offer preliminary screening and ongoing management of the appropriate care for each student's hearing and listening needs. 

Hearing Aid

Our Work

The program created for each school is individually designed to fulfill the needs of the students, parents, and teachers. The assessment begins with the examination of the classroom environment, students with suspected hearing impairment and the development of a complete screening process. 

Once the program is established, the needs of each student are fulfilled within the school. This saves travel and classroom time and expense. 

Our Orientation towards communicating in the world is through the auditory channel. Teachers and families need someone with expertise in the field of audiology to identify and diagnose hearing problems, and then to counsel, advise, and direct them regarding these hearing difficulties in children. John E Sexton & Associates (JESA) specializes in providing audiological services on site at each individual child's school. This unique service delivery system allows us to interact with teachers, staff, and other professionals who provide services to the child. It also enables us to apply audiological findings directly to the classroom situation and assist in classroom management strategies. With this philosophy of service delivery, we are able to provide the most comprehensive audiological services available to the child. 

This high level of care does not equate to high cost. By working with students in specific blocks of time, limited special education dollars are used more efficiently. Our experience in working with school systems helps school administrators explores new avenues of funding. 

Meet the Team

John E. Sexton and Associates are in 70 of North Carolina's 100 counties.

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